Hello! Glad to know that you're interested in exploring research opportunities with me *⸜( •ᴗ• )⸝*

I am always looking to work with enthusiastic students!

Research Interest: My research group primarily focuses on human-AI collaboration, interactive AI explanations, visualization for biomedical AI, and AI-empowered visualization. If you find alignment with at least two of these areas, we are likely to have a matched research synergy.

Requirements: While good GPAs and strong programming skills are certainly important and highly appreciate, I believe that a person’s true potential often extends beyond these quantifiable metrics. I value students who demonstrate dedication, curiostiy, and communication skills. I also warmly welcome students from the underrepresented groups in Computer Science to talk to me about potential projects.

How to contact: When contacting me via email for the first time, I would appreciate if you can kindly structure your subject line as [Type of Research Opportunities] - Your Name - Current Degree Program - Institute . Please also provide a description of your research interests and programming skills, and attach your CV, transcripts, & any other relevant supporting materials. Below you can find more information according to your current status:

Why UMN?

The Univeristy of Minnesota Twin Cities (UMN) is a top 10 U.S. public research university with world-class academics, award-winning faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and an esteemed alumni network that includes 29 Nobel Laureates and 3 Pulitzer Prize winners. UMN held the 44th spot in the 2022 Academic Ranking of World Universities and 57th spot on US News Best Global Universities, showing its commitment to excellence in academia. Find more at Why study computer science at the University of Minnesota?

Particularly relevant to my research area, UMN CSE has a strong vis/graphics/VR group, under the umbrella of Human-Centered Computing. The medical school is just cross the stree from the CSE building, presenting an ideal environment for interdisciplinary research endeavors. UMN is ranked highly in Visualization according to csrankings.org.

In terms of live, the campus is located in the heart of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul (twin cities) metropolitan area, which are incredibly diverse cities with vibrant neighborhoods, award-winning parks and recreation opportunities, exciting professional sports teams, renowned restaurants, and top-notch entertainment options.
In addition, Minnesota has a strong business climate — with 16 Fortune 500 companies and many of the nation’s largest companies (e.g., Target, 3M, UnitedHealthGroup, Mayo Clinic) headquartered here.

If you are considering applying for PhD

I have openings for at least two PhD students.

I have compiled some FAQs to help you decide whether I could be the right fit as your PhD advisor. If it feels like a good match, you should apply to the CSE department at UMN, specifying an interest to work with me in the application.
Apart from submitting your application, I also encourage you to reach out to me via email to tell me more about yourself and why you are interested in working with me.

For prospective PhD students, engaging in a research internship beforehand can be a good opportunity for us to better understand each other’s working style and expectations.

If you are a current UMN undergraduate student

I usually recommend undergraduate students to engage in research projects after their second year, as this allows them to take relevant courses (such as data visualization, machine learning) and practice programming skills (particularly python and javascript). But I am open to making exceptions for highly-motivated students.

I am more than willing to assist you with your application to the university UROP program, which provides a stipend ($1,800 for 120 hours of research). However, I would prefer that we have worked together for a period of time before putting together the UROP proposal.

I believe the best way for a UMN student and me to get to know each other is by enrolling in my class. Alternatively, an effective way to reach out is by filling out this google form.

If you are a current UMN master student

If you’re a Master student at the UMN CSE department and interested in working with me, I recommend that you reach out early on (can be as early as your first semester). Given the brevity of a Master’s program, it’s beneficial to allocate ample time to understand each other, collaborate effectively, and make progress in research.

While you are welcome to drop me an email, the most effective way to get in touch is to fill this google form.

If you are not a UMN student

Even if you are not a current/prospective UMN student, I always welcome motivated and enthusistaic students to visit our group and work with us. Get in touch with us via email to learn about possible projects or propose your own project within the realm of our research interests. RA-ships are possible for long-term visits (longer than 4 months).

A visit can also be a good opportunity for us to understand each other’s working style if you are considering applying for my PhD.